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MultiPurpose Traditional Greek Sweets


Traditional Greek Home Sweets

Soudis company is a greek family run business that produces traditional Greek sweets since 1991. Jams and Home Sweets are making Soudis one of the biggest local business in Greece. The passion and perseverance for these traditional Greek products, is one of the characteristics that give us the possibility to develop in the domestic market. The large and rare collection of sweets available are placed in the most Greek tables. The production of sweet is made ​​with great care and with all the required conditions. The manufacture of all the jam or sweet, operates immediately after the seasonal harvest so that the products that are distributed on the market, will be fresh and still will have the aroma and the fruit properties. The ingredients used in the preparation are fruit , sugar and sour without any preservatives. The production process is rigorous and follows all the hygiene rules. Soudis family creates the products always according to the " table of pleasure ".

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